Friday, 17 October 2014

59 and counting....

I can't believe that I am going to celebrate a BIG birthday in just a few days time. 50 - ten! 

The celebrations have already begun with lunches and evenings out with old friends, real girly times with SO much laughter. How can I be so old? Inside really, I'm still in my 30s! It's funny how we're still discussing our babies after all these years - only the babies are now our grandchildren.

My gorgeous granddaughter was here on Monday, fabulous to see how quickly she's growing up, 6 months old already and almost sitting up and reaching out. 

Do you like her new aran jacket? I must remember to take off an inch from the sleeve pattern next time rather than add it as she's not the tallest little one! She's so lovely, laid back and chilled out just like her daddy was. Where have those years gone?

60? Never. 

In fact I am still about 9. 

Anyway - I'm certainly looking forward to my party! Planning it has kept me busy these last few weeks, it's so exciting... invitations, decorations, food, cake - Yes there will be cake!

Watch this space, because I am sure I'll have lots to tell you next week. 

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