Tuesday, 6 June 2017

No Good Boyo at the Minack


Under Milk Wood

  • by Dylan Thomas
  • presented by Theatr Silures – May 22 to 26, 2017
Dylan Thomas’ beautiful, quirky play about the villagers of Llareggub is brought to life with tenderness and humour in this production. The characters are vividly drawn and their interactions create both hilarity and pathos.

I thoroughly enjoyed this performance by welsh voices; more dreams come true - to read more information on the play and it's background  https://www.minack.com/umw2017/

Read a more informed review of the production here


As you can see from my photos it was an absolutely glorious day weather wise and that beach below the Theatre looked so inviting (Porthcurno) with it's white sand and turquoise sea. We ate our picnic lunch amongst the buzzing bees whilst waiting for the performance to start - I recommend the folding padded seats they offer for back support. All in all the experience was one I shall remember forever. Wonderful.

The title? - my lovely welshman has had the nick name "no-good boyo" since university days in the 1960's.
I am working hard to maintain my inner Polly Garter - though I am worried that my welshman might have recognised Mrs Ogmore- Pritchard! 

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Cornwall - May 17 Pt 2

St Michael's Mount - the photos should speak for themselves.
My interest in growing succulents has taken off after seeing this garden.... amazing, just amazing.

On a personal note, this visit was so fantastic, walking across the causeway at low tide and clambering like mountain goats over the cliff side gardens were dreams come true - really one off the bucket list. As I grew up, my parents had a picture up on the wall in the "front room" in the early years (and in the hall in later years) of this place. So simply, I'd always wanted to go there. And now I have. On a glorious sunny day too.

The funny thing is, now I have.....it turns out the picture was actually Mont St. Michel. In France.... so I feel another trip coming on.

Our latest trip to Devon and Cornwall 2017 Pt.1

After a busy morning setting the house straight (don't you feel the need to leave everything tidy before going away?) and walking the dogs we were off! We try to get away for a few days each month and we tend to follow the same pattern each time.

                I really enjoy driving, full of excitement in anticipation of the break from routine. Windows down,  music on. Although I do prefer the old A303 to the motorways. I drove all the way down past Salisbury - and then Alan took over to just beyond Exeter.

The sky was blue and the day was getting warmer the further south we drove. We are so very lucky to have family who live down in Cornwall so we are frequent flyers. My sister-in-law says we should collect reward stamps as we're down so often! I drove on down through Cornwall to a village just shy of Truro, so quite a way down. Just 15 minutes drive from the south coast, Probus is inland but so, so convenient for touring the south west. About 5 hours door to door, and this is what awaits. 

"I knew you were coming, so I baked a cake"

G & T in the garden, so refreshing after a long drive

Three tiered garden

The girls - three hens

Nelly (black) and her daughter Betty (brown)

The field at the bottom of their garden
Crab in Oyster and Chilli Sauce
Gin and Tonic, fresh eggs for breakfast, crab for supper, friendly dogs and good company. Who could ask for more? 

Part 2, St Michael's Mount and the Minack Theatre tomorrow