Saturday, 20 May 2017

Blogs that I love

I came late to the party .... typical me. And I would argue that I don't like reading using the new technologies, preferring a real book in my hands, but here I am contradicting myself in just a few days. Of course. That's me too, full of contradictions.
                  I don't know how to put a list of the blogs I follow in a side bar on my blog so I am hoping to point you, dear reader in the right direction. Blogland is just so much fun. People are just so much fun. Behind every blog is a unique individual, who has put themselves out there.
                 I have just spent every spare moment of three days reading through the archives of a blog going back around 5 years and it was every bit as intriguing as any novel or biography. The quality of writing is superb, drawing me in until the characters became so real, and the photography is first class. The humour.....
so for your consideration I give you

         Rusty Duck          

              Today's Stuff   

             Spitalfields Life

              Kate Davies    

             Little Cotton Rabbits

             Old dog, new tricks

             Planet Penny   

          Jenerally Speaking

            Licht Years        

           Posy Gets Cosy

So some of these blogs are about gardens, or art, to creative textiles, or family life, or travelling - and many contain all of the above. Hopefully, you'll find something of interest.

Let me know your favourite treasures, posts and blogs too. I am always up for something new. 

Enjoy your weekend ....

Love Mary

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  1. Thanks so much for including me on the list. There are a number of others there I don't know, so when I get a spare moment I shall go exploring!