Sunday, 2 March 2014

Should I? Is anyone out there?

 I constantly think I should restart my own blog, but I just lack the courage. It was one thing having the puppies as a focus, but who would want to read my journal? Are my life and opinions worthy of publishing? Who on earth would find anything worth reading?
A virtual friend on Planet Penny, has posted 500 posts and it really got me thinking. If no-one else reads it does it matter? I don't even have a camera, apart from my phone. But I'm not a photographer, I'm just me. I matter. If I asked maybe your answer would be to just go for it, give it a try. I do feel you would encourage me - and that's because I DO feel you are a friend. Nuts or what? I could stand beside you in a supermarket and not know who you are, but that just gives me a thrill really, to think about the people I do encounter. I suppose everyone of us has a story to share. This is mine.

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